Foals are back with another single for their upcoming album, “Everything Saved Is Not Lost Pt.1”. This vocal driven tune is called “On The Luna” having taken inspiration from the two previous albums, Holy Fire and What Went Down. What we have heard so far from the previous single, “Exits” it is our first look into the band’s new path after bassist Walter Gervers departed in early 2018. These two recent releases are key to the band’s future, but after recently selling out multiple venues in the build up to their international tour, it is clear that the band still have a strong fan-base.

This new release shows Foal’s versatility in a bold statement, playing with polyrhythms and syncopated drums it is clear that math-rock isn’t dead. The unique track uses a 9/4 time signature with a 4/4 drumbeat, meaning that after 4 bars of drumming we are expecting the structure to move on, but are left with 3 beats before the next component to the song is introduced (In-case you didn’t understand that, it gives all us single-boffins something to appreciate on valentines day). For Foals to release this as a second single for their new album is not only a throwback to their first album, “Antidotes” but also a very brave move.

This release is keeping all of us at SPIRE anticipated for the release. It gets better too as we can expect Part 2 for this album this autumn, according to vocalist Yannis. In a recent interview, the band discussed how the first part of the album would be significantly more synth driven with the second part containing more guitar, making us think that we can expect more ‘indie anthems’ with the likes of “Inhaler” and “Two Steps Twice”. Foals are definitely treating the die-hard fans this year; we aren’t sure which release to be more excited for. Be sure to grab tickets to see them if you haven’t already, if this tour is anything like the last, we know they won’t disappoint. They are definitely one of my favourite acts to see live, I’ll be watching them at Alexandra Palace in June. I’ll see you all there.

Oh and there’s a music video so check that out below (it’s pretty cool).


JUNE – SUMMER TOUR 11 Manchester, O2 Victoria Warehouse 12 Manchester, O2 Victoria Warehouse 14 Tunbridge Wells, Bedgebury Pinetum 15 Birmingham, Digbeth Arena 16 Birmingham, Digbeth Arena 18 Glasgow, SWG3 Yard 20 Thetford, Thetford Forest 21 London, Alexandra Palace 22 London, Alexandra Palace 26 Bournemouth, International Centre

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